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    can't  set  the tx power on the CYW20735 platform



          the tx power  of  bt mesh modules which we  are  using   is  too  weak. so  I want to  use the API  wiced_bt_set_tx_power to enhance the  tx power.

         however there is no  improvement  in transmit power. so  I  use the  API wiced_bt_dev_read_adv_tx_power(wiced_bt_dev_cmpl_cback_t *p_cback) to read the tx power. the tx power is 0. so  I guess  the  tx  power  is  not  set  successfully





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          Mesh uses multi-adv. Please set the TX power by modifying variable wiced_bt_mesh_core_adv_tx_power in mesh_application.c. You can add some code in the mesh_app_init like following:


          extern uint8_t wiced_bt_mesh_core_adv_tx_power;

          wiced_bt_mesh_core_adv_tx_power = MULTI_ADV_TX_POWER_MAX;


          valid values are between 0 and 4


          #define MULTI_ADV_TX_POWER_MIN 0

          #define MULTI_ADV_TX_POWER_MAX 4