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    Using a WiFi combo with an SDK different from Wiced Studio



      for developing our embedded SW for our products we are using our own SDK based on Eclipse CDT, GCC and make. We now want to add a Cypress WiFi/BT combo (CYW43438) to our products, but do not want to port our existing SW to the Wiced SDK for several reasons. Can you explain, if there is a way to use the SW provided by Wiced SDK for such WiFi combos in other SDKs different from Wiced Studio? For example to create a library with all needed components that can be linked with other build environments.

      Any hints would be helpful. I guess that it would be beneficial for Cypress to provide SW support for these combos, without forcing the customers to use Wiced Studio for SW development. Therefor I am looking for a support on that.


      Thanks and best regards