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    How to solve analog routing problem ?




      As a part of the University project me and my colleagues were working on developing a robot controller unit by using PSoC 4200M as a slave and half of the development was already done by the previous group. One of the tasks of the project is to add a temperature sensor related algorithm into final RCU(robot control unit) software. The PCB was already designed by the previous group and everything is already integrated into PCB, so while adding the temperature-related algorithm I got the following error "M0003: Unable to find a solution for the analog routing". One of the possible solutions I found from the internet was to use different pins for the temperature sensor but since the PCB was already designed, is there any other way to solve this problem? For the reference, I have also attached the screenshot.

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          Hi Vatsal,


          Could you please attach the project for us to see what exactly going wrong. What were the additional resources(components) you have added to the new project compared to the previous one ? Most of the times routing errors happen when we exhaust the routing resources. Changing the pins or modifying the the external hardware connections are the probable solutions in most of the cases.


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