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    How to connect an output pin?


      Hello Communiy,


      I know it is a dumb question. What I want to to do, it is after a timer is finished, the micro will send a signal to put something in high value. I have put a timer with its interrupt also a digital output. Where should I connect this output? If it is not connected and I compile it, the compiler throws me an error : No input on Instance "Trigger", terminal "y_0"."

      I connected this output to the overflow output of the timer... is that correct? or should it be at the interrupt output?... When the timer generates an interrupt the chip can send  a high value througt the "Trigger" output.


      What should I do when I want to put the output in high after a cycle is done?


      I am using the PsOC 6 evaluation kit board.

      I left an image of the design