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    Edit .C file variable in startup assembly file


      Hi Cypress Team,


      I am using MB96600 Series F2MC-16FX controller and SOFTUNE Workbench ver-V01L32 for my project.


      I have a customer requirement to perform RAM check at startup and reset if error is observed. This reset cycle should continue for 3 sec.


      Currently I am performing RAM check in startup assembly file before calling main function and resetting until it is recorded.


      I wanted to update one flag or variable value in case of RAM check error and use that flag/ variable in main function in main.c file.


      I tried using .EXPORT command in assembly file to export C variable and update the value in assembly file. But I am getting wrong value in .C file

      below is what I am trying






      RAM_ERROR: .EXPORT __var_name


                            MOVL A, #__var_name

                            MOVW A, #0x55





      .C file

      UCHAR _var_name;



           UCHAR temp = _var_name;     //Getting incorrect value of _var_name




      Could you please guide me here?