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    A2DP sink and source Audio route


      We are trying to support both A2DP Source and A2DP Sink roles on the same BT module(Cypress chip-CYW20706). We managed to connect Phone to sink application and source application to bt speaker. We are trying to route audio between the a2dp source and sink application through MCU. We are using I2S interface to send audio from the MCU to BT module.


      It would be a great help if anyone could provide us the solution for the below queries:

      1. Can we initialize separate audio buffer for both source and sink application? or if there is another way in which we can differentiate between the audio samples for both applications?

      2. Is there any way we can get access to the I2S interface in the application? So that we route the I2S data to any of the source or sink application at the same time