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    CYBLE-416045-02 Programming Error




      I am trying to use a new CYBLE-416045-EVAL board for the first time and am having a problem programming it.


      Using PSoC Creator I have created a simple new project for the CYBLE-416045-02 module which builds without error. When I try to program the device, the Port Acquire and Target Connect operations appear to work OK, but the programming fails with the message “PSoC Device (E2 F0 03 00) is not in the DataBase”. Please see attached screen shots.


      I have tried the suggestion of using a lower speed but that made no difference.


      I note that the device identifier in the target selector dialog is E2F02300, but the identifier that the programmer is saying is not in the database is E2F00300. I do not know if this is significant or not.


      Please let me know how to resolve this issue.


      Best regards,