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      Hi, I have the cyproto-063-ble kit I just bought it. It is very different from programming than the 5LP kit. Someone could tell me that I have a bad code because if it runs without errors, but it does not work when I download it to the kit.


      If I put the forum (;;) if it works and turn the LEDs on and off


      #include "project.h"


      int main(void)
          __enable_irq(); /* Enable global interrupts. */

          /* Place your initialization/startup code here (e.g. MyInst_Start()) */
      # define LED_ON      (uint8) (0)
      # define LED_OFF     (uint8) (1)
      # define pasos       (uint8) (10)
          for(uint8 i=0;i==10;i++)
              //Cy_GPIO_Write(Pin1_0_Port, Pin1_0__Num, LED_ON);
              /* Place your application code here. */
              Cy_GPIO_Write(Pin1_0_PORT, Pin1_0_NUM, LED_ON);
              Cy_GPIO_Write(Pin2_0_PORT, Pin2_0_NUM, LED_ON);
              Cy_GPIO_Write(Pin1_0_PORT, Pin1_0_NUM, LED_OFF);
              Cy_GPIO_Write(Pin2_0_PORT, Pin2_0_NUM, LED_OFF);


      /* [] END OF FILE */