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    About wiced 6.4 mfi3.0 function test


      Hi all

           I'm anxious .These days I want to use wiced studio6.4 to test our MFI3.0 chip,the enviorment as follow:  wiced studio6.4(with mfi),apple 5 phone with EAdemo(ver2.1),and a CYW20706A2+MFI3.0(communite with iic),the test demo is  wiced studio6.4 hci_iap2_spp;

          Finally ,the CYW20706A2 chip seems connected with the iphone5(IOS9),but BT seems didn't communication,the EAdemo always display No Accessories Connected.So

      how can I do it ok?BoonT_56@MichaelF_56