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    PSoC 4 MCU (CY8C4014FNI-421AT)




      I am currently working on a project that involves the use of PSoC MCU (CY8C4014FNI-421AT) for performing I2C read & write, from and to a video decoder chip. But since this project involves mass production of these video decoders along with the PSoC 4 MCU (CY8C4014FNI-421AT - WLCSP package), I just thought of making sure whether this MCU will continue to be active and in production.


      I searched online for its current status and could see that to be active for now. So I just thought of confirming it from the community as well for proceeding further with the project. It will be great if someone will be able to advise me regarding this concern. Also if this is not the right group to discuss about the product availability in the future, please guide me to the right group in order to start a discussion.


      Best Regards,

      Nandhini Jayapandian