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    OTA Problem because of the sdk update from 2.4.1 to 3.1.1



      Our application on the top of WICED SDK 2.4.1 had a unproblematic OTA feature. As the application note summarized, we used the related API from the sdk 2.4.1. With new version .bin image, we can download the image into the internal mcu flash and after completing the process, the device successfully reboots with a new version.


      However, when we have a new version .bin image based on the sdk 3.1.1, we cannot have an OTA-update on our previous modules, which have the application based on the sdk 2.4.1.


      This is a very crucial problem for us. How can we handle this problem? Via OTA-upgrade, how can we update our 2.4.1-based applications to 3.1.1-based applications?


      Thank you very much in advance.



      P.S.: I am aware that the OTA architecture in 3.1.1 is different with 2.4.1. The sdk 3.1.1 downloads the new application to the sflash and then reboots from the sflash while the  sdk 2.4.1 has a different OTA app and it directly downloads the application to MCU flash.

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          Upgrade from SDK 2.4.1 to SDK 3.x,

          The bootloader also have to be upgrade too!

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            Did you already released a product with SDK-2.4.1 release and trying to OTA with SDK-3.x?

            If not, please migrate your application to SDK-3.x and use the OTA support from new release. There had been major changes to OTA on SDK-3.x.


            Regarding to OTA sample app there is a blog post you can take a look at, WICED OTA Upgrade and Factory Reset (SDK 3.1.2 through WICED Studio 4.x)



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              Unfortunately we have previously released some sample products on the top of SDK-2.4.1. Via OTA, we must upgrade our previous products' SW (based on the sdk 2.4.1) to our new SW on the top of SDK-3.x. We are aware of the sad fact that the bootloader has to be upgraded to upgrade from SDK 2.4.1 to SDK 3.X.

              We have already migrated our application to SDK-3.x. We can successfully use OTA-upgrade between two applications which both are based on SDK-3.x.

              However, open question is still that: how can we ota-upgrade our previous products(SDK 2.4.1) to the SDK-3.x? Do you have any sample application to upgrade both bootloader and app?


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                Hi Mert,


                Unfortunately there is no easy way to upgrade released product from SDK-2.4.x to SDK-3.x.


                We are working on a new version of SDK-2.x that backports most of the fixes were done on 3.x and provide an upgrade path for released 2.4.x devices. There is no date for the release of the backported SDK-2.x.


                One option is loading the OTA application to a memory location that would be outside of the bootloader, DCT and app using SDK-2.4.1. First step is to upgrade the existing 2.4.1 version with relocated OTA application using SDK 2.4.1. Newly located SDK-2.4.1 release of OTA upgrades the bootloader, DCT and app built by the SDK-3.x. This two steps upgrade would be very cumbersome. If you have a limited test release of devices, perhaps re-flashing the devices would be the easiest upgrade method. There is no snippet application sample code for the above example.