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    not booting after firmware upgrade

      I tested the ota_firmware_upgrade on the BCM920737TAG Board.

      I flashed the application to the controller, then I added a trace-message and created the application again.

      I tried the Update on android (with a update-application I found on the forum here) and on a virtual machine with windows 8 and the application provided with the ota_firmware_upgrade.

      It seems, the file is sent ok, the CRC at the end are OK.

      This is what I get:


      Command:3 State:2


      ws_verify rcvd:3c2de77d calculated:3c2de77d


      send_status 0










      But the controller won't boot again. Each time I have to recover it. I also added the crystal warmup workaround.

      My SDK-Version is 2.2.1.

      So I need some hints what else I could do.