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    STM32L5R porting in WICED-6-4-0


      We had some impressive results with WICED-Studio-6.2.1 with both Wifi and Bluetooth (using 4343w - 1DX module) using STM32F429, but we ran out of RAM as our application is also somewhat RAM demanding. As of today, we are looking to upgrade the MCU to STM32F469 (based on the Wiced document:  STM32F469 porting in WICED) but found the STM32F469 is more power demanding than our current STM32F429. So we talked with ST and Arrow to find they offer STM32L5R with 640kByte RAM and super low power that are both very attractive.


      We downloaded Wiced-Studio 6.4.0 and noticed that the STM32L4xx family is supported. Is it possible to upgrade to STM32L5R following a similar path as for upgrading from STM32F429 to STM32F469 ?  We noticed that in STM32CubeMX, the drivers for all L4xx family are the same, so there might be a chance 樂


      Anticipated thanks,


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          It might be possible by following the porting document. But before starting your porting effort, I would like to mention that the low power modes (the impressive numbers that you have mentioned or discussed) are not really supported in WICED SDK. You have to add support on your own for anything other than STOP mode (which is what the support in WICED Studio is limited to as of now) in 43xxx_Wi-Fi/WICED/platform/MCU/STM32L4xx/peripherals/platform_mcu_powersave.c

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            Thank you much for replying. Our main concern is the RAM limitation with STM32F429 - so with 640 KBytes RAM the new L4R5 would give more options in the future (preventing us from running out of memory) when we add WIFI, Bluetooth and our application tasks.


            After looking into more detail at the STM32L4R5 we found that the internal DMA is significantly different than that for TM32L4A6 (which is supported by WICED-6.4.0) and we are afraid that the UARTS (which use DMA) will not work anymore (the WICED STDIO which is so helpful).  We are also afraid that the new L4R5 may have significant differences (other than the DMA) that we may have no time to address. Please take a look at the DMA stream assignment for L4R5 (ref manual page 370) and for L4A6 (ref manual page 340) - this later MCU is supported. 


            Therefore, we may have to limit ourselves to STM32F469 (which has 320KBytes + 64K of RAM and 2 MBytes Flash), which is less desirable, but maybe safer. --- Thanks, BM

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              If you are constrained for time, I would also recommend going with STM32F469 since that would be a safer approach.