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    Concurrent Configuration Options besides Soft AP

      Quick question.  Are there other configuration options that can be used along with soft access point mode to configure a WICED module to what AP, passphrase, security settings to use?  I see WiFi Direct but my understanding is that it cannot be used along side soft AP mode, have to choose one or the other.  Am I wrong?  Is this described somewhere and I am not seeing it?  I am trying to identify all the ways for a WICED based WiFi module can be configured via its WiFi interface to what AP it should use and I am trying to figure out what methods would best fit my installation, and if multiple methods could co-exist or am I forced to pick just one?  Is there a FAQ or white paper on this?  Thanks.

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          You can use soft AP mode alongside with client AP mode. You can configure the soft AP / client AP information in the wifi_config_dct.h file in each app folder or if it does not exist it would be in the /include directory.


          Check the apsta app to see both interfaces being brought up.




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            Okay perhaps it is just me, but how does that help me get a system connected to a specific AP and online?  Let me put this into perspective.  Think about a brand new installation where there is no programmed knowledge of an access point, it is a brand new device that a customer takes out of the box and wants configured to their environment.  The only mechanisms that I am aware of that WICED supports are: WPS button, WiFi Direct and make itself a WiFi access point with a web server.  According to what I am reading these are exclusive, meaning you can only pick and use one at a time, you cannot enable 2 or 3 at the same time, competition for the same resource.  That apsta snip demo does not provide anything extra, the client mode still requires info about an access point for a connection for it to work, which is what I do not have in the first place, and what I need to put this new device online at the customer's location.


            So going back to my original question then, I guess there is nothing else I can do, just pick 1 of these 3 and use?  Just want to make sure that I am not missing something.  Thanks.

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              I'm wondering if you found a way.  I'm also looking for a way to configure our WiFi devices without turning them into SoftAPs.  I noticed some other devices switching to more like a direct-wifi mode and then receiving essid, passphrase etc. over broadcast.  I think its a combination of WPS and Direct-wifi.  This is more useful when you have a number of devices to configure.  I'm searching for the technical details of this process.

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                Nothing yet.  It is low on my priorities list right now.  Perhaps by the time I get around to it there will be a BLE +WiFi version out and I can use BLE + SmartPhone App to handle it.