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    How could I recover EEPROM program when accidently program bulkloop in? (FX2LP,CY68013)


      Dear Cypress Community,


      We have a customized board using CY68013, which is the same as the schematic of FX2LP.


      We program the bulkloop example (bulkloop.iic) into the eeprom of FX2LP using cyconsole.exe, and we found that the usb failed to enumerate, and if I open cyconsole.exe again, tries to rewrite the EEPROM, it reports an error says that access vioalation. Later on, we found that, the bulkloop example contains




      command (see: Why Certain EZ-USB® FX2LP™ DVK Firmware Examples Fail Enumeration on Custom Boards? – KBA86725 )


      The problem is, this bulkloop.iic with WriteI2C and WaitForEEPROMWrite has been already programmed into the EEPROM. How could I reset, or clear, or reprogram the eeprom and bring the I2C function (i.e., write into EEPROM using cyconsole.exe) back?