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    Where to find the best contractors or new hires with PSoC 6 expertise


      I want to know where this community thinks the best locations are to search for embedded programmers for the PSoC 6 platform. That is my main question. I want to start following these forums or frequenting these sites to educate myself on who is there and things that are happening.

      (You can claim what I am requesting is this community but I am not looking to necessarily poach cypress employees and they seem to do a good job of answering questions here which makes it hard to find others that are experts.)


      I need an expert who knows how to:


      Optimize power to the extreme. I need to know where every uA goes.

      That means (perhaps) spreading things across the M0 and the M4.

      That means testing almost every state in the state machine and figuring out the correct CPU to use. (Sometimes M4 will be more power efficient than M0 if you can bundle all your work in to contiguous time blocks and get the CPU back to sleep faster.)



      Optimize BLE comms for power and performance based on the occasion. That means a one-size fits all approach of ble config in a device that I see 99% of the time won't work. I need to have multiple BLE configurations that are used at different times for different needs.



      Use DMA for sensor acquisition in every way possible to ensure the CPU just never wakes up.



      Understand the complex routing constraints of the PSoC and know some cute tricks in the pin selection stage that allow us to have the most flexibility at shipping time


      Where are the people who know the system with this level of detail?




      I am not asking for volunteers because I am just in an informational gathering stage. (I wouldn't be surprised if that was against the terms of this community anyway.) But, if you want to, you can solicit yourself but please simply direct message me your resume or linkedin link. Make sure to explain actual things you personally have built and 1-2 things about how they were unique.