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    Fx2lp crystal not available that satisfy all specification


      Hi Community,


      I am using Fx2LP CY7C68013A.


      According to AN15456_Guide_to_a_Successful_EZ-USB_FX2LP_Hardware_Design  :


      Resonator Requirements

      The FX2LP crystal requirements are as follows:

      ▪ 24 MHz

      ▪ Parallel resonant

      ▪ Fundamental mode

      ▪ 500-μW drive level

      ▪ 12-pF (5 percent tolerance) load capacitor

      Cypress specifies resonator frequency tolerance as ±100 ppm to take into account other circuit factors that can add to the USB ±500-ppm tolerance budget such as circuit board layout, temperature, load capacitors, and crystal aging. One resonator manufacturer, Murata, offers CERALOCK® series resonators with initial accuracies of 70 ppm and 100 ppm. For FX2LP, a Murata part number may be encoded according to Table 2.


      I have tried to find crystal for all the above listed requirements but there is no available parts which can satisfy ALL the above specifications .

      So can anyone suggest crystal oscillator os some specs that can be overlooked?


      Also I have gone through  : Re: Finding an appropriate crystal for CY7C68013A (FX2LP)

      according to that part  ECS-240-20-4 can be used but its also obsolete.