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    How to use SPI of  CYW20735




        as  we know, the  spi  master initial API  is below:



      void wiced_hal_pspi_init(  spi_interface_t spi,

                                 UINT8           devRole,

                                 UINT16          spiPinPullConfig,

                                 UINT32          spiGpioCfg,

                                 UINT32          clkSpeed,

                                 SPI_ENDIAN      endian,

                                 SPI_SS_POLARITY polarity,

                                 SPI_MODE        mode,

                                 UINT8           csPin);


      there is a  input parameter(UINT8           csPin)of the wiced_hal_pspi_init, can  I  use the IO pin that does  not  belong  to the CYW20735  to control  the  SPI slave cs?


      if  I use  the   IO pin of  another  MCU  as  the  CS  PIN ,  how to  fill  in  the  input  parameter   UINT8  csPin   of  the   wiced_hal_pspi_init  API