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    FM0  with Miniprog3




      I have finished a development on the FM0+ evaluation board and is ready to run it on my custom hardware now.


      I am however not having any joy in getting it programmed through either PSoC Creator or PSoC Programmer using a MiniProg3 programmer.


      I have tried self-powered and programmer powered, but the chip is not identified. In PsoC programmer, the family and device both show PSoC5 related info.


      I used the same footprint for my programming port as I always use on my PSoC boards, connecting Vdd, Vss, Reset, SWD Clock and SWD Data. SWD is set as the debug port in the System Setting in PSoC Creator.


      I am using the S6E1A12B0AGP20000 chip.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.

      Best regards