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    FX3 coding to interface with iPhone.


      Could you guide me on Cypress FX3 coding to interface with iPhone. I am looking for a sample project which includes the firmware on FX3 side as well as Iphone site by using External Accessory Framework in xCode for Apple iPhone. I would like to go through the each step by starting from Authentication, numeration, etc by following your example firmware on FX3 and the code Which is using External Accessory Framework on iPhone site. You also have solution PSOC. Please forward the links for that also as an example to understand the authentication, numeration, etc even though they may not be the same. I would like to understand also iAP2 protocol on FX3 site.  My end goal is to create a bridge between FPGA and iPhone through FX3 by utilizing GPIF interface of FX3 at the same time to authenticate with iPhone by communicating FX3 I2C interface to Apple authentication chip.