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    [S25FL512S] - Physical Interface


      Dear All,,,


      I'm under reviewing about Cypress Serial Flash Memory / S25FL512S Series.

      Pls, refer to the attached file. (the datasheet)


      I can see the below on datasheet. (page 38)



      I can not fully understand!

      Could you please explain to me in more detail???



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          Hi Pilheon Choi,


          Thank you for contacting Cypress Semiconductor.


          • The RESET# input is not available on all package options.
          • For device models where RESET# is available, it can either be connected to a signal or it may be left unconnected if not in use, as RESET# already has an internal pull-up resistor.
          • For device models where the RESET# input option is not provided, the RESET# signal is tied to Vcc within the package leaving this package connector unconnected. That is, the RESET# pin for those device models will not have any internal connection. RFU means it is Reserved for Future Use. Though datasheet says the package connector is unconnected, it is not recommended to connect any signal to this pin as it may be used for some specific functionality in the future.  
          • You can go to the Ordering Information section of the datasheet to find out which all device models provide an option of RESET#.


          Please let me know if you have any further confusion in this regard.


          Best Regards,


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