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    WICED SDK questions

      1. In WICED 3.1.2, the test app under apps/wwd/appliance does not compile. It does compile (and

      run) in 3.1.0 and is the basis/starting point for our application. It appears to refer to NetX

      variables even though it's being compiled for FreeRTOS/LwIP.


      2. Is there any conflict/incompatibility with the wiced_uart API and LwIP? When testing with 3.1.0

      and running a modified version of the apps/wwd/applicance test app (with added uart code), we do

      not see output from the uart if the uart code is run after LwIP initialization ( tcpip_init() ). Is there a fix or workaround for this?

      Note: the uart test code was copied from snips.uart.



      3. Currently we are testing with BCM943362WCD4_EVB (Rev 01) but the final product will be the

      BCM43907. Which version of WICED will support this platform and when will it be available? Also, is

      there any idea if items (1) and (2) would be a problem? Will the WICED SDK include the OpenOCD

      config files to flash to the device?



      4. The apps/waf/README.txt refers to an ota_upgrade example app but the directory is not present.

      Is there an example OTA app available?