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    When is "poll" test setup timing of AC Chracteristics applicable for S29GL01GT?




      S29GL01GT datasheet (002-00247 Rev. *L) gives at §11.4 "AC Characteristics" the timing to follow. Under "Test Setup" column of Tables 42 to 47, the timing is different when in Read or Poll (e.g. for "Output Enable to Output Delay"). It is not clear to me what "poll" is exactly.


      Are the "poll" timings to be used only when accessing Data Polling Status ASO? Are they also applicable when accessing the Status Register ASO or in other cases? The "poll" timings are worse than the "read" timings, so we are looking for a way to avoid to take into account the "poll" timings. Note that our application reads, erases and programs Flash (including using suspension).