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    USB Init Example Modus Toolbox




      I am trying to use USB block on Modus Toolbox for a PSoC6 device (CY8C6247BZI-D54).


      In the Cypress USB Device Middleware Library I see that I need to initialize using the following function:


      (void) Cy_USB_Dev_Init(USBFS0, &USBD_drvConfig, &USBD_drvContext,

        &USBD_devices[0], &USBD_devConfig, &USBD_devContext);


      but the structures


      &USBD_drvConfig, &USBD_drvContext, &USBD_devContext


      are not automatically generated in Modus Toolbox, as they are in PsoC Creator.


      Can anyone help me with this or provide an example of USB simple usage implemented with Modus Toolbox?