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    CapSense[v6.0] vs CapSense_ADC[v6.0]


      Hi All,


      I am using a PSoC 4100S device with CapSense.


      There seems to be two CapSense components CapSense[v6.0] and CapSense_ADC[v6.0].



      What is the difference between these two components?



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          Hi AnRa_1522781,


          CapSense_ADC[v6.0] component is used when you want single slope ADC and CapSense in your design. This component time multiplexes CapSense and ADC operation. This is specifically useful when you want both CapSense and ADC in your design but your device doesn't have a separate ADC block such as in 4000 S device.


          In your case, you are using 4100 S device which has a separate SAR ADC block. So it is better if you use CapSense [v6.0].


          Please refer to the component datasheet for more information.