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    How to Enter CYW989820EVAL-01 Low Power Mode


      Please kindly guide us how to enter PDS, ePDS and HID-off low power mode in CYW89820 Modus +BTSDK1.4 environment using CYW989820EVB-01.


      CYW89820 Datasheet specified 3 low power (sleep) mode as PDS, ePDS and HID-off (page6 section 2.3 Power Modes, section 10.2.8 Current Consumption) but we don’t have information how to enter those modes.


      1. PDS, ePDS: No information available how to enter in CYw89820 Modus environment – Modus toolbox, community, documentation and sample app.


      2. HID-off: Can find the HID-off API only in the API reference document in "WICED® BT SDK v1.4 - API Reference Guide" at "WICED Sleep Configuration" but calling the "wiced_sleep_enter_hid_off" API using “Low Power” sample app of CYW920820EVB-02 package resulted about 1mA which is much larger number than datasheet (1.75uA)

      We’ve referred BT 208XX SDK because this supports CYW989820EVAL-01 kits as seen in Code-Examples-BT-SDK-for-ModusToolbox/208XX_readme.txt.