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    How to do a GapAuthPassKey static?


      hello community,


      I am working with a device witch has only a BLE chip, (PSOC 6) no LCD screen and I want to do a the authentication request with a  static GapAuthPassKey.

      is it posible to hard code the six nummbers in my chip?




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          Hello David,


          Please use the API Cy_BLE_GAP_AuthPassKeyReply(), this function is called to pass 6 digit passkey in reply to passkey entry request event CY_BLE_EVT_GAP_PASSKEY_ENTRY_REQUEST received by the BLE Stack. This function is used to accept the passkey request and send the passkey or reject the passkey request.

          Please refer to this API in the BLE component PDL Documentation in PSoC Creator. In PSoC Creator, Right click on the BLE Component ->click on "Open PDL Documentation".



          P Yugandhar.