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    Not able to program CY8C4724LQI-S401


      Hi Team,

      Am getting below error, please let me know how to resolve.

      Error: "This device was recognized, but PSOC creator does not support using it at this time"

      Tools used for programming: PSoC Creator

      Target IC: CY8C4724LQI-S401

      Programmer: CY8CKIT-148 PSOC 4700S inductive sensing evaluation kit




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          Hi Vinod,


          Can you please confirm the target IC is correct, you are mentioning the target IC as CY8C4724LQI-S401.
          By default 148 kit have CY8C4745AZI-S413.

          Have you changed the IC in the kit, in that case you need to change the device in PSoC Creator project.


          # Right click on project -> Device Selector.



          Jobin GT

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            1. Programming to  custom board via swio,sck,vcc,gnd,reset pins. And Not able to acquire port from cy8ckit-148.


            2. I Changed IC target, Getting below error

            --------------- Build Succeeded: 08/27/2019 12:10:22 ---------------

            Warning: Port KitProg3 (CMSIS-DAP/BULK/1118115401137400) in use

            Error: dbg.M0033: The selected debug target 'CY8C4745AZI-S413' is not compatible with the project's selected device 'CY8C4724LQI-S401'.

            Warning: dbg.M0039: There was an error running port acquire: PSoC device is not acquired! Check connection of the chip to the programmer