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    CY8CPROTO-063-BLE with sample code "CE217637 - BLE Find Me" I2C issue


      Hi All,

      If I add I2C module to the project and everything working fine.

      However, for proper debugging purposes I have to change optimization level from Exhaustive to "None".

      Build Setiings-> Syntesis Optimization Effort -> None
      Once I do that upon Application Generation it gives these errors

      Error: rtr.M0004: E1216: Routing of net __ZERO__ Failed. Source : :UDB_Array:udb@[UDB=(1,0)]:PLD[0]:mc[0].q, Sink : :SCBcontainer:SCB[6].uart_rx

      Error: rtr.M0004: Error routing design: Routing Failed (12)

      Dependency Generation...


      Error: fit.M0050: The fitter aborted due to errors, please address all errors and rebuild. (App=cydsfit)

      No matter to which pins I assign I2C these errors still present.
      How can I fix this.