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    Creator v4.2 project file question




      I'm using Creator v4.2 on a Windows 7 box.


      I'm trying to figure out the function of the <project>.cyfit file. It appears in both the main project and codegentemp directories, and whenever I do a git status on my project repository, it has changed - sometimes even if nothing else has changed. It's binary, so looking at the contents or diffing with previous versions is not helpful. I know I can name it in my .gitignore file, but that means changes won't be tracked, and I'm just a tad nervous of doing so without understanding its function.


      Can anyone shed any light?




      Mike Holmes

      MPE Design, Inc.

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          Hello Mike,


          During the API generation step of CyDsFit the .cyfit file gets generated. It is an internal database for PSoC Creator to hold data on the results of the code generation. It is regenerated each time the project is built and a timestamp gets attached to it which might be why you are seeing some changes. Creator uses this file to identify project variation during build without w/o having to re-run previous phases (assuming that the results from earlier phases are available on disk).


          Please refer this KBA to find out what to include for version control: Revision Control for PSoC® Creator™ Projects - KBA86358