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    CYW20735 GPIO  questions



         when I read the CYW20735 datasheet. I find some GPIOs are not assigned to  detail Px, as  we know, CYW20735 have 40 gpios which we can use.



      so  I want to  know the UART_CTS_N UART_RTS_N  UART_TXD  UART_RXD  SPI_MISO  SPI_MOSI  SPI_CSN   SPI_CLK ,these special functions IOs  are corresponding to Px , if these gpios can use another functions ,for example if the  UART_CTS_N  can use general GPIO, I can use HCI  uart function to download  firmware  if  I assign the UART_CTS_N as a generel gpio. now we use the third party CYW20735 module to develop bluetooth mesh devices ,and the number of IO pins  of  the  CYW20735  modules is too small . so  we have to use the HCI uart IOs as a general IOs ,however I  want to know if  I have configued  these HCI uart IOs to another function  and I can't  download the program by the gpios.


      I wan to know if these special  GPIOs  functions have been configued as  corresponding  functions  in the bootloader, the user can't use these GPIOs as other function!