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    How to create callback from bootloader on PSoC 4?


      This code in the bootloader seems to make defining a callback macro for new commands for the bootloader difficult:




      *  This variable holds the pointer on the user's callback-function that implements the custom

      *  bootloader command processing.


      static Bootloader_callback_type Bootloader_callback = NULL;



      Using the standard bootloader, one appication to load, on the PSoC 4, the variable Bootloader_callback is set to the NULL function pointer.

      This means I cannot set it to point to my code.


      Why is this done?  I wish to define new commands for the bootloader on the PSoC 4, and I THOUGHT callback macros was the way to go, until I see the above code.


      This code appears in bootloader.c, target is PSoC4, and it is generated code, so I modify it at my peril.


      What gives?