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    Configuration of CYPD3120 used in Type-C to DisplayPort






      I'm working on board bring-up of the type-c USB 3.0 hub with HDMI display output.

      We have used CYPD3120 as Type-C port controller along with PS186 chip from parade for DP to HDMI conversion.


      The main difference from the EZ-PD CCG3 reference design is the use of Multi-Fuction Display Port in order to provide 2 separate SS lines for USB hub data and 2 SS line for DP alternate mode. At this moment I have both PS186 and CYPD3120 configuration and programmed but no video out is present on HDMI out.


      From AZ-PD analyzer I see that the DP initialization goes well untill SL#33 (see file attached) when the Status packet indicates "Neither DFP_D nor UFP_D is connected".


      Is there a chance to get some to get some feedback/help on this error?