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    EZ-BLE-PRoC_Module example on a non cypress device?




      I´m tasked with replicating the UART-BLE example given by cypress

      EZ-BLE_PRoC_Module/Example_projects/UART_to_BLE at master · cypresssemiconductorco/EZ-BLE_PRoC_Module · GitHub


      In building and programming the device, at the end it is stated to do the process again on another device, the problem is i did not find any ressources on how to do it on a non cypress device,like a nordic one or a STMicroelectronic which would have the ble functionnality since i have only one cypress developpement kit at the moment.

      I am using PSoC 4.2


      Is there any documentation i did not find? Or is it possible at least? Should i switch to more recent version of PSoC maybe?


      Thanks in advance