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    WiFi Module Enquiry



      I have a product that currently uses a Cortex-M MCU that runs our application on the product, and there is a WiFi module (ESP8266 based) that runs our Network comms application. Both these Cortex-M MCU and ESP8266 based module communicate with each other via a UART interface.


      I would like to enquire about Cypress wireless Modules offerings that we could use instead of our current ESP8266 module, having the following features :

      1) Dual Band WiFi (2.4GHz and 5GHz),

      2) Serial / UART Interface to Application's Controller,

      3) Built-in Programmability support (So a Network application can be programmed on it, example = MQTT stack),

      4) Over-the-air upgrade facility.

      5) On-board Trace antennas OR option for Patch Antenna connection.


      Can you please suggest if there are such products that we could use instead of the ESP8266 based module in our application ?


      Thank you.