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    Kitprog (CY8KIT-043)


      Purchased kit to use as a programmer for a CYPD3171-24LQ.


      Using Psoc4.2  and also the standalone psoc programmer, I am able to program device only once.  Thereafter never again.

      Problem appears to be that I cannot select power cycle button to enable power cycle program mode as stated in datasheet.   The button is grey out and I am not able to enable it in any way.

      I was led to believe that the programmer purchased could be use for programming of the chip in question.  

      Can somebody confirm that it is not possible to use this programmer for task it was purchased?



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          I have the snap-off kitprog from a CY8CKIT-043 used several times to program the original PSoC-M board and some other prototyping kits without any difficulties. I did not use power cycle mode because the kitprog does not support this. I needed to connect 5 signals using a short ribbon cable and a 5 pole plug:








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            The EZ-PD™ CCG3PA Datasheet (Document Number: 002-16951) says

            The CCG3PA device family does not have the XRES pin. Due to

            that, the XRES line from the host programmer remains unconnected,

            and hence programming using Reset Mode is not

            supported. In other words, CCG3PA devices are supported by

            Power Cycle programming mode only since XRES line is not

            used. Contact Cypress for further details on CYPD3XXX

            Programming Specifications.

            So, the KitProg board without Power Cycling feature cannot be used.


            It may be used when the VDDD is controlled by the XRES output, but have not tried.

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              Thanx for the feedback.  My thoughts have been confirmed.  Its a shame this programming board has been "crippled" in this way.