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    Can not be power-on after OTA reset?


      SDK: 2.2.1

      Tag: 920737.

      app: OTA hello-sensor app code.

      OTA firmware size ~ 30KB.




      Device can not be power-on after OTA reset via android/iOS handset.



      Our current WP is default low for read/write when run-time storage and OTA download.

      in factory report, we find when we use handset to upgrade firmware, after programming done and
      do the system reset; device can not be power-on again. It seems boot area is destroyed for some reason.


      - do we need to add more delay between OTA re-program to NV and reset owing to
      that programming/erasing is on-going while system do the reset (but is boot-code area updated during that time?)


      - is it becoz firmware code near 30K so in SOC lower layer, it didnt check the program addr for the boot area??