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    Hello_sensor / hello_client disconnect unless connected to PC


      I have a customer working with the CYBT-483039 under WICED Studio 6.2.

      He is using the hello_sensor and hello_client applications to test range.


      When both evaluation boards for the the module (CYBT-483039-EVAL) are plugged into a PC, he is able to connect the two boards together and get them to stay connected.  He wants to be able to then take the board controlled by hello_sensor and move it across the building and just plug it in to a USB power supply.


      However, every 10 seconds, the application was restarting ONLY when running on the power supply. When it was powered by the computer, it ran with no problems. However, I was measuring the current to compare the power supplies when the sensor application started restarting with the computer power supply as well. This continues even after resetting and re-flashing the application.


      Any ideas what could cause this? Is there some sort of watchdog or expected input from HCI or PUART that I’m missing?


      Let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas.