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    Two UARTs and two buffer over 8 bytes - one of them not works ok


      Hi all,


      I am new in community and its my first question about PsoC4 - forgive me mistakes . I'm working with CY8C4248LQI-BL583 from Cy8ckit-042-BLE-A kit and i have problem with buffer when i use two separate UARTs.


      So in details:

      - I have two UART blocks (say UART_1 and UART_2) both are configured with buffer Rx and Tx 128 bytes.

      - UART_1 baud is 115200;

      - UART_2 baud is 460400 (used external clock generated by cy_clock)

      - UART_1 nad UART_2 buffers are read in program without interrupt (main function)

      - from UART_1 and UART_2 i want read data from buffer;

      - UART_1 works ok (received data are stored in circular buffer up to 128 bytes)

      - UART_2 not work ok (received data are stored in circular buffer up to 8 bytes - should be 128 as configured)


      Now my question is that why second UART is not working ok like UART_1 ? Should i configure something special for it when i need to use two separate circular buffer ? or it's bug in Creator ?


      I have no idea how resolve problem (of coursce i can try write own circular buffer for both UARTs i think,  but why Creator works only with one UART)


      With best regards