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    PSoC5LP USBFS_SerialNumString() API of USB FS component




      We would like to confirm for the “Serial Number String” of the USB component.

      The USB serial number string is the “User Call Back” option.
      The serial number of the product is registered using USBFS_SerialNumString () API.

      Processing is performed as follows.
      USBFS_SerialNumString ()
      If (USBUART_IsConfigurationChanged ())
        While (USBUART_GetConfiguration () == 0);
        USBUART_IsConfigurationChanged ();
      USBUART_CDC_Init ();

      The serial number string is set with 9 characters, but the serial number string is not set correctly.

      When CyDelay () is inserted between USBUART_Start () and USBUART_IsConfigurationChanged (),

      the serial number string seems to be set normally.(Delay time is about 300ms)


      Even if the settings are the same (source code),
      The serial number can be set, sometimes it cannot, and the operation is unstable

      When setting the serial number string, are there any problems with the procedure described above?
      Could you tell us about the correct usage of the USBFS_SerialNumString () API?
      (Component start timing and API usage timing, etc.)