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    Questions for the sleep and deep sleep of entering condition on the 20721 of WICED-Studio-


      Hello TS


      I'm working kaonmedia in korea and developing the Remote N project of Kakao in korea.

      The platform is 20721 on WICED-Studio-

      We received from Kakao about power mode and we reviewed your document CYW20706_and_CYW20719_Low-Power_Modes.pdf and Enhanced Low Power, BR/EDR/BLE Bluetooth 5.0 SOC for Audio.pdf but we cannot find any the enterance condition of sleep and deep sleep.

      And, through liam lee in unicast, we tested mybeacon application which can check sleep handler but we cannot understand sleep and deep sleep scenario of PMU.

      If we set-up sleep enable and sleep handler then we believe that PMU always call sleep hander.

      So, please guide clearly about power mode (SDS, PDS, PMU sleep) for applying on 20721 platform and entering condtion each power mode.


      These are my summerized questions.


      1. The entering condtion of PMU sleep, PDS, SDS.

      2. Why call the PMU always sleep handler? If  PMU always call sleep handler, is it effected at LE audio performance?

      3. Guide the design for applying sleep scenario.