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    CYPD3175  Firmware update using CCG3PA EVK (CY4532)




      We are considering CYPD3175.


      We would like to confirm for the firmware update operation using the CC line.
      So trying to connect with power board of CCG3PA EVK.
      A board with CYPD3175 is used instead of the main board of CCG3PA EVK.


      However, the firmware cannot be updated normally.


      The data sheet includes the following.


      CYPD3171-24LQXQ : Power Bank : UFP CC Bootloader

      CYPD3175-24LQXQ : Power Adapter based on Direct Feedback : DFP CC with Direct Feedback Bootloader


      We think the above differences are influencing.
      Do we need to set anything on the power board of CCG3PA EVK?