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    Water Density Mapping For Plants With Bluetooth Mesh


      This project was submitted by Akhil Srinivas in The Cypress Bluetooth 5 IoT Design Contest with Mouser and Electromaker.io and was one of the winners! We are now posting it in the community for all of our developers to see what great things can be developed with the CYW20819 - as well as leverage some of the material to get started on your own design. All project files submitted are attached to this community post. Check it out below!


      Project Name: Water Density Mapping For Plants With Bluetooth Mesh


      Project BOM:

      • EZ-BT™ Bluetooth Mesh Development Kit (CYBT-213043-MESH)
      • Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor (SEN0193)


      Project Summary:


      This projects implemented a very interesting mesh application that is sure to be product-ized in the near future, if not already. A plant Water Density Mapping System was created with the EZ-BT Bluetooth Mesh Development Kit. Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensors were attached to each Mesh Node and an enclosure around the Mesh Node was created to protect the PCB. These moisture-sensing mesh nodes were then placed in a plant pot. Through a mesh network, the moisture sensor data was collected at a proxy node (also one of the moisture sensing nodes) and streamed to a customized version of the Cypress Android Mesh Reference Mobile App. Some images of the system are below, as well as a video that shows the moisture sensor data changing as the soil is watered at different points.




      All project files are attached to this community post.