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    Predictive Maintenance With Bluetooth Mesh


      This project was submitted by Nekhil R in Make With Mesh: The Cypress & Digi-Key Bluetooth 5 IoT Design Contest Sponsored by Embedded Computing Design and was one of the winners! We are now posting it in the community for all of our developers to see what great things can be developed with the CYW20819 - as well as leverage some of the material to get started on your own design. All project files submitted are attached to this community post. Check it out below!


      Project Name: Predictive Maintenance With Bluetooth Mesh


      Project BOM:


      Project Summary:


      Predictive Maintenance is an important industrial application that will benefit greatly with the mass adoption of Bluetooth Mesh that is forthcoming. This project took the Cypress EZ-BT Bluetooth Mesh Development Kit and actually implemented a Bluetooth Mesh powered predictive maintenance prototype. The project installed 3 different Mesh Nodes (there are 4 nodes in the Cypress BT Mesh Dev Kit) in a car engine and streamed temperature sensor values to a customized version of the Android Mesh Mobile Reference App provided by Cypress. Below are images of the nodes actually installed in the car engine as well as the mobile app and the attached documentation can take you step by step through how Nekhil actually created this project in the Bluetooth SDK of the ModusToolBox IDE. There is a GitHub Link with all of the source code as well.



      All project files are attached to this community post.