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    Changing the DHCP host name




      When connecting to the client network, the DHCP client identify itself as "WICED DHCP Client".

      Browsing the SDK 3.1.2, this string can be found in wiced_network.c : 64 :

      #define DHCP_CLIENT_OBJECT_NAME            ((char*)"WICED DHCP Client")

      How can an application override this default value, without changing the SDK source code ?


      In particular, I'm interested in overriding this value by dynamically loading it from the DCT.





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          Hi Tsachi,

          DHCP_CLIENT_OBJECT_NAME is used as a macro so you would have to change the source code in some way in the function


          wiced_result_t dhcp_client_init( NX_DHCP* dhcp_handle, NX_PACKET_POOL* packet_pool, NX_IP* ip_handle )


          in wiced_network.c to get it to use another value. If it's the dynamic load part you want you could set up a variable and load it from the DCT like you said.


          You would also have to change the macro

          #define DHCP_CLIENT_INITIALISED(ip)   ((ip).nx_dhcp_name == DHCP_CLIENT_OBJECT_NAME)


          in wiced_network.c to the variable that has the client name you want to use.




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            Hi Jaeyoung,

            Thank you for your prompt response. Having an open-source SDK is great as it boost the development cycle.

            The downside of that is (naturally), that any change to the SDK source code would make it a nightmare-ish when upgrading between SDKs.

            Since the DHCP client feature would exist in ( almost ) any IoT device, I would think that we would like to have the device identity reflected there. ( and not the platform using which the device was created )

            Could I ask you to consider "exposing" the dhcp client name externally as a future feature ?

            ( my preference would be a dynamically rather than compile time. The user would be able to set a "device name", and this device name would also be the dhcp client name. )

            In the meanwhile, I will modify the SDK locally as you suggested to support dynamic DHCP name.

            my proposed solution is:

            // in the .h file:

            extern char *g_dhcp_client_name;

            // in the .c file

            static char g_default_dhcp_client_name[] = "WICED DHCP CLIENT"

            char *g_dhcp_client_name = g_default_dhcp_client_name;

            The user would be able to update the g_dhcp_client_name pointer during runtime and affect the newly dhcp client name. The default string would still "waste" some space, but that's not *too* much anyway.


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              Wiconnect can do this for you today.







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                Hi Tsachi,


                Your solution looks good! Yes it makes sense that some users would want to change the DHCP client name. I'll make a note to our engineers to consider for future development Good luck in your product development!




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