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    Not able to acquire "PSoC Target Device" when programing CY8KIT-050 with PSoC Creator 4.2


      I have been using both the USB port and the MiniProg 3 without any problems programing the CY8_KIT-050 until today. I can acquire the USB port DVKProg5 v1.2 and MiniProg3 v 2.05 but not able to acquire the Target PSoC Device using PSoC Creator 4.2.


      I do not have a problem programing the CY8_KIT-042 with the USB port or the MiniProg3. And, not having a problem programing the FreeSoC2 kit (PSoC 5888AXI LP096) from Sparkfun using the the USB port with PSoC Creator 4.2.


      At this point my CY8KIT-050 is out of commission. Any suggestions.


      Thanks, Mike