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    Is it possible to purchase BCM20737 alone instead the whole kit?

      Hi all,

      We want to layout a new board using the BCM20737 chip to complete part of our functions. However, we find it extremely difficult to purchase this chip.

      I have contacted all the distributors of Broadcom (Mouser, Avnet, Macnica Americans). None of them have this chip in stock. Instead, they have BCM20737S and BCM20736S (48-pin, integrated with crystal etc.).

      The BCM20737S (48-pin) has different footprint from BCM20737 (32-pin), also and we cannot find a detailed datasheet of BCM20737S.

      So here are the weird things:

      1. For the BCM20737 chip, we can find its datasheet from this community, but we cannot purchase it anywhere.

      2. For the BCM20737S chip, we can purchase it easily, but we cannot get its datashee so we don't know how to layout.


      I also contacted sales office of Broadcom, no one could help. The sale's manager from Mousers try to help me solve this issue. After one and a half hour trying, she gives up finally.