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    Are sprintf(), malloc() ... available in WICED BT?


      Is there any additional libraries or flags that have to put in the make file or whatever else needed to make this very basic C functionality to work?

      I tried both

      #include "stdio.h"

      #include <stdio.h>


      But always got:

      D:\WICED-Studio-6.2\SDK\20719-B1_Bluetooth\WICED/../apps/w191/spp1/spp.c:517: undefined reference to `sprintf'


      Tracking it back to declaration in stdio.h I've got:


      int _EXFUN(sprintf, (char *__restrict, const char *__restrict, ...)

                     _ATTRIBUTE ((__format__ (__printf__, 2, 3))));






      P.S. Same story is and with stdlib.h and  malloc() and free():


      D:\WICED-Studio-6.2\SDK\20719-B1_Bluetooth\WICED/../apps/w191/spp1/spp.c:520: undefined reference to `malloc'

      D:\WICED-Studio-6.2\SDK\20719-B1_Bluetooth\WICED/../apps/w191/spp1/spp.c:521: undefined reference to `free'