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    detandid failing cybt_353027_02


      I am currently bringing up my custom board using the cybt_353027_02 and ran into an issue.  I have been able to program the module using Wiced_mod_programmer but cant program it from wiced studio .  my custom board uses an ftdi serial to usb converter.  I narrowed the issue down the  DetectandId.step


      This command fails


      c:\WICED-Studio-6.4\wiced_tools\DetectAndId\Win32>DetAndId -PORT COM16 -IDFILE C:\WICED-Studio-6.4\20706-A2_Bluetooth\platforms\CYBT_353027_EVAL\CYW20706A2_IDFILE.txt


      HCI Reset failed


      It works with the cybt_353027_eval board.


      I have looked at the serial lines with a logic analyzer and the only difference between the two is that my custom board has about a 6 ms delay between sending the serial data hci reset command and the response getting to the input of the ftdi chip.  I have some switching and other logic that introduces the delay but that is well under the 100ms requirement of getting a response of an HCI_reset command


      In both cases detandid sens 0x01 0x03 0x0c 0x00 and the response back is the same  0x04 0x0E 0x04 0x01 0x03 0x0C 0x00


      The only difference is the time between the responses and which usb to serial chip is invovled



      I have also tested sending the hex command in Hterm and got the correct response.


      What exactly is detandid doing?  Why would it fail at the hcireset.

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          It seems the com port is not recognized. 

          Could you refer to the following KBA: Programming an EZ-BT WICED Module – KBA223428

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            I have already done that.  As I stated, the com port is being opened and the hci reset command is being sent with detanid as verified with the logic analyzer.  I narrowed down the problem to the detandid call.  I am specifying the com port in the build script along with verbose.   Please read what I was asking again.  I was very specific about what the problem I was seeing was.

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              The detandid is used to scan ports for WICED BT device responses.


              I tested the DetAndId function and got the same problem as follows:

              C:\Users\zhxh\Documents\WICED-Studio-\wiced_tools\DetectAndId\Win32>DetAndId.exe -PORT COM3

                COM3     UNKNOWNTYPE   UNKNOWNID

              HCI Reset failed


              Then I put the device into recover mode and test again, the HCI Reset failed error is gone. So did you try to program the device in recover mode?

              C:\Users\zhxh\Documents\WICED-Studio-\wiced_tools\DetectAndId\Win32>DetAndId.exe -PORT COM3

                COM3             HCI   UNKNOWNID

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                Did not make a difference for me.  As I mentioned previously, I have validated the communication with a logic analyzer and see the hci reset command was being sent and successfully being responded to.  Recover didn't do anything different.

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                  Let's make things clear first: you can program your board with module programmer successfully. But it will fail if you use the WICED Studio SDK. Is that right?

                  Could you open the log in the module programmer by select Edit->Preference and set as follows:

                  You can see all the command sent from the programmer. Please program the same board with module programmer and WICED Studio, and compare the log of the two programming method.