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    Sensos-Status doesn't get back to zero


      Hey all,

      I'm Using the CY8CKIT-041-41XX PSoC 4100S touchpad and I have a problem with the sensor-Status getting stuck, if I touch the Sensor for to long.

      And also if I use HF nearby, the sensor status sometimes doesn't return to zero or it takes a long time. I think it's because the rawcounts are still a lot higher than baseline.


      So with no touch the values (Graph view, SenseTuner) are:

      raw count: 54,430 -54,390

      baseline: 54,390


      after touch:

      rawcount: 54,580-54,720

      baseline: 54,415


      (My widgit threshold Parameters are: FT:110; NT: 60; NNT:60; Low baseline reset:255, Hysteresis: 5, On debounce: 2, I use the 5x5 centroid type and activated the Jitter Filter. Also I tried it with the IIR Filter)


      Do you know which settings I have to change, so the sensor status returns to zero right after unhanding the sensor?


      Thanks in advance,